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Mobile Payments

Did you know 40% of retail sales are now made through mobile phones? As the e-commerce shopping experience evolves, mobile payments are becoming powerful catalysts for revenue growth.

This is why our team offers mobile payment systems to all our eCommerce merchants. We allow merchants the flexibility to accept payments through e-wallets like WeChatPay and ApplePay. We're all about enhancing your customer's payment journey!

With Smartphones continually evolving the shopping experience of customers

It has become imperative to have mobile payment systems integrated into your business to facilitate growth. If you want to start using mobile payment systems, then our experts are available to help you and make the whole process seamless for you.

Mobile payment solutions to both online

HGC offers mobile payment solutions to both online and eCommerce merchants; this could prove to be a powerful tool for those selling online and on mobile apps.

It is also convenient because all that is required to facilitate a mobile payment is a mobile device, card reader and a Merchant account with HGC Merchants.

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