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Point of Sales Solutions

POS systems have proven themselves as invaluable tools for many businesses. They increase security and payment efficiency. HGC Merchant Services offers industry leading terminals tailored to your needs.

We help all our merchants throughout the POS journey---from setup all the way to support! We pride ourselves with customer satisfaction and technical expertise.

Owning a POS system is a remarkable decision for businesses as it helps you effectively manage transactions

POS systems have proven themselves an invaluable tool for many businesses, and a business without a Point of Sale system in place is at a disadvantage. It increases security and helps increase your business functionality, amongst other benefits.

HGC Merchant Services offer the best POS solutions

Our POS and Payment Solutions are designed for every Merchant and companies, and our professional team handles the support, setup and installation of the POS.

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Accept a variety of card brands like Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Discover. Contactless payments? We do it too!

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